I had such an amazing time at the “Glow Neon Fun Run London” last night with friends!!! Each lap we completed- whether we walked, ran, or danced down the track to Beyoncé and the latest hits- we were sprayed with colorful glow in the dark neon water! The event was held at Mile End Stadium and was a fundraiser for the Royal National Institute of the Blind.


Post-Fall Break Musings

I can’t believe Fall Break has already come and gone! I’m sad to say goodbye to the few days I was able to spend at home, lounging on the couch and catching up on all the shows I had recorded, but I’m also eager to get working on midterms and finish the second half of the semester. Somehow I managed to return to Smith more stressed than I was the day before Fall Break, but little by little I am checking things off my to-do list. 

I got an email the other day about registering for spring classes, which made me do a double-take. Didn’t I just move back in? Isn’t it, like, the second week of class? I swear, every semester at Smith goes quicker than the one before it! I always make countdowns for the next break as a little motivator—and often pester my friends about how many days are left, oops—and with a bit less than six weeks ‘til Thanksgiving, here’s how my to-do list is shaping up:

  • 3 midterms
  • 2 quizzes
  • 2 longer papers
  • 1 seminar paper
  • 2? blog posts
  • a whole lotta reading

In the meantime, though, I was able to catch a quick photo of the pond out my window earlier when it was raining. I love when the leaves start falling—I can see more of the pond from my window!

Dubin Tennis Sisters

By Jordan Dubin ‘15


This is a photo of Noa Dubin, my sister, and myself. I went home to Southampton, New York for Fall Break and watched my sister compete in the Suffolk County League VIII Division IV Conference Tennis Tournament! 


SOAS is filled with very politically active and enthusiastic students. I get emails daily to participate in different marches supporting various causes and issues around the world. Today I walked past the Russell Square campus on my way to the gym and found a group of people yelling “down, down with ISIS!” The group, “Youth for Kobane,” handed out flyers with its demands listed, including (but not limited to)
“do not permit a “buffer zone” and “no fly zone” in Rojava,”
“provide military and humanitarian aid to the Kurdish forces and civilians fighting ISIS,”
And “recognize the autonomous cantons in Rojava Kurdistan (Northern Syria).”

Specifically, Youth for Kobane does not support “the attitude of Turkey and “coalition forces”” against the ISIS terrorists who entered Kobane on October 4. This group feels that the U.S.’s bombing in Iraq was strategically done to protect the oil, and that “[it] has only diverted the terrorist group into Syria.”

The flyer ends with:
“We invite everybody on the side of democracy and freedom to challenge ISIS, stop the massacres”

The video isn’t angled properly because I was trying to be discreet(!) but it gives you an idea of the political activism that is present on campus.


A popular SOAS tradition is Hare Krishna food for lunch! Students begin lining up almost an hour before the food arrives. Oddly, there is always enough and no one ever walks away empty handed! Everyday the man who serves the food (I need to properly introduce myself and ask for his name!) bikes to campus, toting a large cart filled with deep coolers stocked with food. When it’s your turn, he spoons out a huge portion of hot “mush” (usually rice and a mixture of veggies) onto a flimsy paper plate. You continue down the line and receive a second flimsy plate full of something sweet- usually an assortment of fruit. With your hands completely occupied, you make your way across the street to sit on the grass in Camden Square and enjoy lunch before your next class.

Hello I am a Chinese student and I am so interested in Smith! My inclined major is International Relationship, so I would like to know something about the major ,like courses arrangement or some other programs. Also, this is really important: are Smithies allowed to cook on campus? Thanks a lot:)

Asked by painpein

Hello! I am a third year who is an Anthropology major here at Smith.

While Smith does not have a specific “International Relations” major, it does have a Government major and there is a Global Finance concentration. Smith offers a variety of class that focus government and policy, including comparative politics and politics surrounding religion, specific countries and even gender. Here at Smith, you are also welcome to take classes at the other five-college campuses if a course looks interesting to you.

To answer your other question, you are allowed to cook on campus at Smith! Each house is equipped with a kitchenette (refrigerator, stove, oven, pots, pans) that the students in the house are welcome to use at their convenience.

If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


The other day after classes, we went to Il benvenuto di Firenze agli studenti americani, or Welcome Day for American students studying abroad in Florence. It was in the Salone dei Cinquecento in the historic and beautiful Palazzo Vecchio, which is right across from the Sede where our classes are. It was a really nice welcome event for the American students, and we even got to see Ferruccio Ferragamo, president of Ferragamo, who received an award. We also got the amazing opportunity of meeting Dario Nardella, il sindaco (mayor) of Firenze (pictured above). There was also a performance by Florence Dance Company, and afterwards there was a reception with snacks and crafts from artisans in Florence where we also got free t-shirts for the organization Help the Children Florence. The welcome day reception really made me realize how many incredible opportunities there are for us here in Florence and I can only imagine what else lies ahead this year for us.


Nosotras 5 College Mixer!

So as one of the 5 College Representatives in Nosotr@s, I’m in charge of reaching out to the Latin@ orgs in the 5 college area and asking them to come while we mingle and talk and have ice breakers over some coffee and snacks. I’m so happy I have support from all the members in Nosotr@s, because otherwise I don’t know how successful this event would’ve been. It was fun, and we ended the event feeling connected and eager to collaborate this year! :)