Twitter Chat Tomorrow! (9/23 @3-4:30 p.m. EST)

Me and President McCartney!

By Anna Sternberg ‘15
Hi everyone, my name is Anna Sternberg and I am a current senior at Smith College. I’m hosting a Twitter Chat tomorrow (Tuesday 9/23) from 3-4:30 p.m. Do you have a question about Smith? Tweet @smithadmission by using the hashtag #smithchat!

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Sunday Funday!

By Victoria Melnikova ‘16

It has been over two months since I came to Brazil, and every weekend I try to discover something new. The more I discover, the more I feel at home here. This past weekend I spent with my friends exploring downtown Rio de Janeiro. We started off visiting the famous Escadaria Selarón or Selarón Steps. The history behind this construction is simple. It was named after its creator Jorge Selarón. He was born in Chile, but spent most of his life in Brazil. He was living in the Santa Teresa neighborhood when he decided to cover a set of boring steps near his house with colorful ceramic tiles. With the support of his friends and locals he continued working on the steps over a number of years. Over time tourists from all over the world were bringing him ceramic pieces which he included in his work. The set has 215 steps, and it took a little over 20 years to complete. Here are some ceramic tiles with different states that I found on my way up. On the top of Santa Teresa we decided to treat ourselves to homemade Portuguese pastries. I have to say they were extremely delicious! From there, we headed to a wonderful exhibition of modern art organized by BEX (Brazilian Exchange), ArtRio’14. Artists from different countries display their work in order to attract Brazilian and foreign collectors and promote intercultural exchange. I feel that events of that sort expose how creative people can be, especially when it comes to modern art. After spending a few hours at the fair, we decided to finish our day with authentic caipirinhas and a nice dinner in a little Italian place by the praça São Salvador.

Hey! I want to become an environmental engineer and would like to know if Smith has strong engineering/environmental studies departments? Thanks! :)

Asked by Anonymous



This is a really specific question, so I can’t give you a complete answer. I’m sorry. I haven’t taken any environmental science or engineering courses. Fortunately, I have a good friend who is an engineering major, so I asked her about engineering, and this is what I got:

Smith College is the only women’s college in the United States with an engineering department (link). Although it is relatively new department (12 years), Smithies who graduate with an Engineering major can get jobs and can get into graduate schools. According to my friend, the engineering classes the past two years have been overflowing with students who want to take the class! It’s getting really popular :)

She thinks the strengths in Smith’s Engineering program is the way it focuses on taking a Liberal Arts approach to Engineering. In Liberal Arts, you are required to take classes outside of your major to have a wide range of knowledge. In the Engineering context, this will allow you to be exposed to different types of engineering fields that you can incorporate into your specific interest or future studies. In addition, all Engineering classes are only about 20~25 students per class, so professors have close relationships with each student. In Smith, you can easily find research opportunities with professors because there is a lot of support within the department. 

Besides research opportunities with Smith professors, there is an exciting engineering program every year where engineering companies bring projects for Smith students to work on, so you get really cool real life experiences. 

There are also some negative points about engineering in Smith. Because the department is so small compared to large universities, courses in the department here may not be suited to your specific interest, and you may not be able to take specific classes because Smith doesn’t offer it. It might be worthwhile to go to the Smith College course catalog (link) and browse through what kind of engineering classes Smith offers.

Even if you have a very specific interest in engineering and you are really interested in studying at Smith for the Liberal Arts background to engineering, there is the option of studying abroad/ doing a domestic exchange to large universities with strong engineering departments. It would be a good opportunity to take specific engineering courses you are passionate about. (Smith has a very wide range of study abroad/ domestic exchange programs with great support system, so don’t worry! (link))

Overall, Smith’s engineering major is probably the most rigorous major; it has the most required number of credits. It’s a lot of work if you consider that half of your total credits must be from courses outside of your major in order to graduate. So be prepared!

I hope you have a better understanding of Smith’s engineering department now. I couldn’t get in touch with a person from the Environmental Science and Policy major/ minor, but you can find more information here. Let me know if I can help you with anything else. :)




My friend and I were definitely feeling the paradise of Paradise Pond this week! It’s so much fun to canoe and kayak along the river bed going through our Smithie forest. The trees are greener than any crayola color you’ve ever used and the sound of the water rippling is as soothing as a cup of mint tea! Even though we got a little wet (okay like soaking wet), it was a great distraction from all of our classes and extracurricular activities.

Roommate Game Winnahhhs


So, not to boast or anything but my roommate and I won the best roommate pair game of the year in our house (Washburn burn, baby, burn)!! We get a free calender and whatnot. We also get to participate in an all school game and the winners get goodie prizes (ice cream or cookies, not sure).


This is our silly picture with our awesome HR.


This is our formal picture. We’re so cute.

Transitioning from the Spanish Life

By Jordan Dubin ‘15

Last year I studied abroad in Cordoba, Spain for both semesters and I had the time of my life! As a bonus, I became fluent in Spanish. While in Cordoba, I learned the meaning of “Spanish time,” which meant that people did things on their own schedule. Being back in the United States has been challenging, knowing that I can no longer take my “siesta,” because there is definitely a strict schedule here at Smith. As much as I enjoyed “Spanish time,” I must admit that I appreciate the structure and academics at Smith. I am especially excited about my Spanish classes here at Smith, as they give me the opportunity to share all that I learned last year. One day I plan on returning to Spain, but for now it’s good to be home. Adios! 

Snippets from Italy

By Shira Burns ‘16

We had our first class on Monday, which was a language class. On the way there, we stopped for gelato, even though it was the morning :). We’ve found a new place to eat lunch, which is this piazza close to where our classes are held. My favorite class so far has been a cooking class, where we learned how to cook four different dishes, including Tiramisu. When we eat dinner with our host mother, she has the TV on in the background so we can become accustomed to the Italian language. 

Here’s a picture of me at the cooking class:

We also had a class where we went around the city and learned about the different methods of transportation: buses, trains, taxis, etc. On the way there we passed a movie theatre that plays movies in English, which I’m very excited about going to. 

This is us on our tour: